The 2020 Challenge

Our United Nations-supported goal is to develop 20 new microbially biodiverse urban green space projects in 20 communities in 20 countries by the year 2020 and track their health impact

Three Friends

Research & health service leadership

Identify and measure local
biodiversity and associated
environmental microbiomes in local
urban green spaces with civic and
community participation

Community leadership

Design and restore (or create)
biodiverse urban green spaces
(BUGS) that improve population
health and create innovative
educational and employment

Golden Gate Park
Romantic Picnic Couple

Civic leadership

Foster and evolve local best
practice implementation of BUGS
that maximises population health
improvement and associated
educational and employment


How to sign up for the 2020 Challenge

Help create a place-based partnership to improve public health and urban biodiversity

Jumping in the Leaves